Five best VPN for computer games in 2018: which is the fastest?

The combination may seem wild, but the fact is: VPN applications and computer games are well suited to each other in a virtual world where the activities of intruders can easily leak through the protection and hinder your favorite hobby.

From frequent troubles, such as targeted attacks from disgruntled players / hackers with self-interested goals, to hidden risks, for example, the collection of personal confidential data (both companies and third parties) and even interference from Internet providers – not list at a time all the threats that can spoil you the day and the joy of the game.

The problem of DDoS attacks, in particular, has become so widespread that players even compose guidelines on how to avoid them. The discerning player knows that you need to act with caution – that’s why Supervpn free VPN client applications are often recommended as the best solution to problems.

Let us offer additional help.

In our ranks, too, many avid players, so we know how vital VPN-applications for the safe game without interruptions. As experts in the field of VPN, we also understand that not every service can offer what you need, so we tested hundreds of VPNs to choose the best five computer games for you.

The best VPN for computer games

1. NordVPN

  • Server network around the world – more than 3,500 servers for unlimited access to any content
  • Advanced security features – say goodbye to DDoS attacks
  • High-speed servers – a guarantee that your connection will not be interrupted
  • Actively test the application and get your money back within 30 days

NordVPN is an excellent choice for a player with diverse interests who expects the same flexibility from his VPN provider. Thanks to more than 3,500 servers in 61 countries, you can connect from any country, as you wish.

We are ready to argue that speed is the first thing you pay attention to, and NordVPN will not disappoint you. Thanks to recent updates, the quality of the NordVPN connection has skyrocketed, where the service has taken its well-deserved place among the best of the best.

As for your privacy, then be sure that hacking amateurs and offended opponents will not hamper you. NordVPN has built-in protection against DDoS attacks and particular servers that are designed to protect you from such attacks. So you can forget about annoying and unforeseen hindrances.

Thanks to the excellent combination of a massive variety of servers, fast connectivity, and high-end encryption, NordVPN will be your support when you rush into an online attack. If you decide that this VPN application is not for you, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, and during this period you can get the entire amount back without any questions.

2. ExpressVPN

  • The fastest VPN application on the market is to enjoy first-class protection and the corresponding high speeds
  • Choose among more than 1,500 servers in 90+ regions
  • Thanks to the separate tunneling, you can choose which part of the traffic to protect using a VPN
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

ExpressVPN corresponds to its name – the service regularly takes first place in our tests on the speed of work. The time to wait for a response from the server can be the factor that will bring you victory or defeat, and with this provider, you will forget that you are using VPN when it comes to ping.

More than 1,500 servers, more than 90 regions, own DNS-servers, information about which is not disclosed, as well as strict tax-free policies guarantee you quick and safe access around the world. If you want to select the traffic that you want to encrypt manually, then the possibility of separate tunneling is advantageous to you.

Also, you can protect up to three devices within one subscription to ExpressVPN.

As with NordVPN, you will have 30 days to test the service and get your money back if you do not like something. But what’s not to love here?

3. CyberGhost

  • A massive selection of servers – 1 250+, so you can find the best one available, no matter where you are
  • Comfortable profiles can be configured in the best way for different uses
  • A simple and convenient application
  • Free Trial Period And Money Back Guarantee

Thanks to more than 1,250 servers, reliable encryption and the fact that information about traffic and user connection is not stored, CyberGhost can be safely called among the providers that are serious about the component “private” in the term “private virtual networks.”

The main feature of this VPN in its interface: thanks to several dedicated profiles (modes of operation), you can give the CyberGhost application what it will be used for, and according to this data you will get the optimal combination of settings for operation.

In addition to perfect protection of your privacy, you will need the same ideal connection speed. CyberGhost, of course, is not as fast as NordVPN or ExpressVPN, but it’s smart enough and will not noticeably slow down your connection.

All these functions and capabilities, as well as others (for example, protection from IP / DNS leaks and the ability to connect up to 5 devices at the same time) make CyberGhost a reliable VPN service. Moreover, you will receive a free trial period of 1 week for iOS and Android plus a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can check what this VPN service is worth for free. Great!

4. AirVPN

  • Servers in 20 countries
  • Flexible tariff plans – from 3 days to a year
  • Before using this VPN application, read the critical information on the website of the service
  • Rich functionality is offered, but it can not compete with rivals
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and free trial period (you can get it by contacting tech support)

AirVPN is well known for participating in many projects aimed at developing an open and more advanced Internet, as well as for adherence to the idea of ​​full transparency and the undeniable nature of user privacy.

For you, it means that you will use the services of reliable service with a strict policy of no politics and attention to detail. Thanks to more than 200 servers in 20 countries (including Asia – Tokyo and Hong Kong) you can connect to any vast gaming network, as you wish.

Also, the AirVPN website always shows the server load so that you can compile a list of the best servers for games in advance.

Another point that players will like from this provider is a 3-day subscription: for a song, you can get the protection of a reliable VPN application for an online competition or a friendly match over a local network. For the latter option, a huge plus is the ability to connect five devices at the same time.

In general, AirVPN provides quality services, but here’s something to think about: the facility operates according to the rule “functionality is more important than the interface.” In other words, this application is fast and very useful, but the user must have minimal technical skills to make it work as it should.

Our advice: contact AirVPN support and ask for a free trial period (they will be happy to help you), test this VPN application, and then decide if you can work with it. If you missed the first step, you could always get your money back within 30 days by submitting a corresponding application.

5. Private Internet Access (PIA)

  • Incredible server diversity – 3,000 in 44 regions
  • An ideal choice for a player with a limited budget
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • 7-day money back guarantee

Like AirVPN, the PrivateInternetAccess service fell in love with the players for their firm position on the privacy of users and cheap quality services.

Specifically, PIA has more than 3,000 servers in 44 regions. These are astounding figures even for the most expensive VPN services, but what is even more impressive in this VPN service is that it is one of the cheapest providers on the market. For those players who want to work with an extensive network of VPN servers, and use the services with a proven policy, at an attractive price, it’s worth taking a closer look at the PIA.

Plus, the PIA is an excellent example of self-tuning VPNs: its client is straightforward, so even beginners will not spend more than a few seconds configuring the connection the way they need it.

However, some servers are more variable regarding speed than others, and although the VPN connection does not crawl with the speed of the cochlea, there are better alternatives if you need a lightning-fast connection speed. Fortunately, you will have a whole seven days to get your money back if you do not have enough services offered by the PIA service.